i have learned past the basics and have just started learning the advanced stuff and i am going into what stocks to invest in how to properly invest in them and why to invest in them it is a lot more complicated than i thought it was going to be but it is fun learning it and hopefully ill be able to walk away with the skill of investing
Hello my name is jack and I am using genius hour to research how to invest. I hope to gain the experience to be able to properly invest so in my future I will have more money. It has difficult to find information so far but I have found some. That has been the biggest challenge so far. The website that we used to find information was www.wikihow.com/invest . I want to find a website of the basic ways to start of and then head into the more advanced stuff because I think it would be easier that way so I’m just looking for a website I’ve been watching youtube videos as well and that has helped a bit. My perspective had changed on this subject because I thought it was going to be easier but it turns out there is a lot more thought process and it is a lot more complicated and many more steps to investing than I expected. 

I think schools do kill creativity! In the film i agree with the fact that it says kids in kindergarten can list hundreds of answers but when they are in high school they become educated and they can usually only think of ten to fifteen different answers. I also agree with the fact that the school is like a factory i do not disagree with anything from the video. I think a way they could make the video better is if it was longer and went more in depth with what he was saying instead of going through it really quick because i think it would be easier for the kids to understand that way. I think there should be a mandatory class about financial planning for your life in the future and about investing. i think the way that they could make it so everybody has a class for this that is mandatory.