I think schools do kill creativity! In the film i agree with the fact that it says kids in kindergarten can list hundreds of answers but when they are in high school they become educated and they can usually only think of ten to fifteen different answers. I also agree with the fact that the school is like a factory i do not disagree with anything from the video. I think a way they could make the video better is if it was longer and went more in depth with what he was saying instead of going through it really quick because i think it would be easier for the kids to understand that way. I think there should be a mandatory class about financial planning for your life in the future and about investing. i think the way that they could make it so everybody has a class for this that is mandatory. 


09/10/2013 10:32am

Good comment. I agree on the fact that the video should be longer and should be more in-depth. Instead of touching on several good ideas, he should have explain it to it's basics. Good job Jack :D

09/10/2013 4:09pm

Nice opinion Jack! Yes I agree that the video was too short and the speaker was talking to fast, he shouldve dumbed it down and talked slower. There should definitely be a financial planning class I think it would be a great class. Overall nice opinion Jack!

Ms. Bertrand
09/11/2013 4:33pm

Jack, you've started some interesting thoughts here. Yes, the video was quick, probably because he touched on numerous complex ideas, and we need time to digest them. That is what I hoped to see more of in your response. What specific ideas in the video did you agree with or disagree with and why. The necessity of financial planning/exposure is well-considered. It would help everyone in their own future. That's why we'll delve into it this year. But do you think it should be mandatory? Doesn't that contradict the freedom and openness necessary for creative development?


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